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The original SNEAKERS™ App from 2012 💎

A Social Community Platform for everyone into sneakers from News to Releases and Chat. It's now time to evolve from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0


Back in 2012 JP saw a need for Sneaker Collectors to come together in a community setting. At the time, the Sneaker community relied on forums and word of mouth to get information, there was no social aspect to collecting and sharing. The Sneakers App changed this dynamic dramatically and was welcomed into the space beyond expectations. With over 1M downloads within the first year, Sneakers App changed the way collectors interacted with each other. 💯


Sneaker News

What’s up?  Don’t worry, we will let you know. Keeping you up to date with the latest industry news and drama from around the world.  Our Feeds let you hear the stories directly from the Artists, Designers and Brands that you love, and ones you might not have heard about yet.

Sneaker Drops

No one likes taking an L on release day, getting that W depends on having all of the info.  Our Drop calendar gives you an extensive look at the hottest upcoming releases and where to find them.  And no, we didn’t make a drop calendar for only the hype shoes….our Drop calendar is curated to highlight some of the dopest releases period.

Sneakers Chat

Community, that’s we we are about, have been about, and will be about.  Our social platform is about connecting with others in the community and using the space as your own.  We aim to be Your home base to experience the culture, IRL, WEB2 and WEB3. 💬




Fast forward to 2022, Web3 is fundamentally changing this dynamic again, but it’s so much bigger than Sneakers. We are about Community and Culture, things that have been hard to find lately with everyone locked into their homes and the world transitioning to more remote communication with each other.  Our Mission is to build the most positive and inclusive environment for people that love Art, Culture, Fashion, Music, and Digital Collectibles.

SNAPES NFT is a collection of Hand drawn NFT Generative Characters that love to wear sneakers and monkey around.  The Snapes already have a Metaverse full of surprises we can’t wait to show you.

DETAILS: The first release of Snapes NFT will be a limited collection of 7777 Unique characters (price TBA) all with their own rarity properties.  Each piece will be available first to be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721a) via Snapes.io, then available on the OpenSea marketplace.  The Roadmap for Snapes extends much further than this initial release, into Physical Wearables, Brand Collaborations, Events, Multiple Generations and more. We know you are going to love the Snapes! 😎

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